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Senior Pictures 2017: Spotlight on Sports Photos!

Senior Pictures 2017: Spotlight on Sports Photos!

We sure have been busy with senior pictures this year! Actually, we’re busy every year but this year we haven’t found the time to do weekly blog posts. We’re going to try something a little bit different and do round ups of senior photos based on a particular subject. First up is sports pictures! Photographing seniors with sports props, balls, uniforms and other athletic paraphernalia is one of our most popular ‘casual’ photo requests.



Not Your Mama’s Sports Pictures

Some of you might think it is pointless to take a sports picture because you already have ten photos at home in your uniform. Well here are some examples to show you the difference. These are not your classic ‘kneeling on the ball field’ photos. At Tumbleston Photography we like to add a little bit of edge. With expertly crafted dramatic lighting and a string of talented photographers, these sports pictures are not like anything you’ve ordered before.

We hope that some of these encourage you to bring in your sports props to your senior photo session. Because these are definitely cooler than the picture mom took before your last game. We know you practice in front of the mirror to be in Sports Illustrated. This is your time to shine! If you see something specific that you like, be sure to tell your photographer!



Be Different. Be YOU

We’re not just talking about football and baseball here. Try thinking outside of the box. Are you in color guard? A black belt in karate? Or maybe you want to show off all the medals you’ve won. Any way you shake it, you’ll want to have memories of your favorite hobbies. And don’t be afraid to be silly! Your senior photo session is the perfect time to do it! Of course if sports aren’t your thing, you can bring in anything you like. Check back soon to see some of our other senior photo favorites.