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Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photographer
Serving Charleston, SC

Classic Heirloom Portrait Art, a traditional and timeless style of portrait photography that captures your child from the waist up in a formal and elegant manner. These portraits are often intended to be cherished and passed down through generations as valuable family heirlooms. The artist aims to capture the essence and personality of the child while preserving a sense of timelessness with a lightly painted effect.

Storytelling character art involves great attention to detail, aiming to capture not just the physical appearance but also the personality and essence of the child. The portrait may depict your child in a formal pose, dressed in parent provided attire that reflects a particular era, or it could showcase them engaged in an activity that held special significance to them. It may include handheld props or studio item of some significance to the theme. The background of the portrait may be digitally placed if not physically available and will be carefully chosen or designed to provide additional context or symbolism.