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Session Preparation

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For On Location sessions Only:
In the event of inclement weather, do you have a backup location in mind or would you be interested in coming to one of our studios for your session?

Who will be participating in this session?

In a just a few words what type of photos are you hoping to get from this session?

Which of these photo backgrounds stands out to you as a favorite?

Which of these photos captures the type of photos you’re looking for? Choose all that apply.

If any images in any category on this website stand out as a favorite, please let us know and describe them here

What are you planning to do with the photos we take?

Are you interested in a wall portrait?

If so, do you know which room in your house you’d like to put it?

Could you also take a picture of that space with your cell phone and with an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper taped to the wall and email it to amy@tumblestonphotography.com

Are you interested in extra prints for family?

Are you interested in an album?

Are you interested in high-res digital images that you can print yourself?

Did any of the installation inspiration pictures speak to you? If so, please describe which one.

See Installation Inspiration Pictures Here

Have you ever been to Tumbleston Photography before?

If so what event or type of session did we capture for you?

Are there any elderly folks or individuals with mobility issues participating in the session? Please elaborate.

Have you viewed our color palette and clothing suggestions form? If not please do so now HERE.


What are the names and ages of any children that will be in the photo(s)

Tell us a little bit about the interests or aversions of the children in the photo?
Do any of the children have special needs and/or quirks?

Tell me about their relationship to each other:

Do you have any props you want to bring along for the session? (We strongly encourage this. It puts the kids at ease, gives you a more candid/lifestyle photo, and can really help to commemorate the stage of childhood they’re in.)