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Class of 2016! Bloopers, Outtakes and Behind the Scenes

Class of 2016! Bloopers, Outtakes and Behind the Scenes

In honor of all the silliness, the candid action, the laughs, the weird faces, the accidental captures, the hilarious moments and all that happens behind the scenes… I give you an inside look at the bloopers, outtakes and craziness that goes on in our studios daily. These should make you smile. Here’s to a good laugh!

bloopers1 bloopers22bloopers2 bloopers23bloopers4bloopers9bloopers3bloopers24bloopers5bloopers25bloopers6bloopers27 bloopers7bloopers8bloopers26bloopers10bloopers28bloopers11bloopers12bloopers29 bloopers13bloopers14DucAustin-lineupbloopers30 bloopers15bloopers16 bloopers31 bloopers17bloopers18 bloopers32bloopers19 bloopers20bloopers21ALSO Introducing our North Studio “pet,” Charlie the Golden Retriever, named after our fearless leader Mr. Charlie Tumbleston. This little guy has won the hearts of many and… somehow ended up in a ton of sessions this year. Silly Charlie!
bloopers33 bloopers34 bloopers35 bloopers36

Hope you found some of these as funny as I did!! Also, I hope everyone has had a blast (or at least an okay!) first few days of school. See you all on campus this year 🙂