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Miss Savannah turns 3!

Miss Savannah turns 3!

“SHOWTIME!” was Savannah’s favorite word during our session this past Thursday in the studio. She kept us laughing with her big smile and spunky personality. Savannah even got to put on her Princess Belle dress and pearls at the very end of our session and pose with our big sunflower on the daisy background. A little girl’s dream come true! She would even courtesy and say, “Your majesty!” Such a lady. Happy 3rd Birthday sweet Savannah!

01 02 02a 04 05 06 06a 07I just had some fun in Photoshop editing this photograph into black and white. The serious expression that Savannah had while I was tinkering with the lights really reminded me of photographs taken at the turn of the 20th century.


I hope you love being three Savannah! See you next year!

Princesses and pearls,