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Santa’s Favorite Helper, Shep!

Santa’s Favorite Helper, Shep!

Santa’s little helper came into the studio today and JUST like the Grinch… he STOLE everyone’s heart! His name is Shepard (aka Shep) and he was just too precious in his little rolled up blue jeans and button down shirt. He meant business in that tie and was only coaxed into a smile when his mommy brought out the fig newtons and puffs… bribery with food is something we fully understand around here! Special shout out to Shep’s dad who braved getting into our Santa suit – it made for some unforgettable pictures! Check out a few of the best moments that photographer James captured during Shep’s session:

shep1 SingletonPatrick99916380-006 shep2sheppyblackwhiteshep3SingletonPatrick99916380-074shep4

Didn’t you love the black and white edit as well? Those eyes… I couldn’t help myself. Merry Christmas Shep!!!

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Warmest Holiday wishes,