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You’ll be warm they said…The Harleyville Christmas Parade

You’ll be warm they said…The Harleyville Christmas Parade

Picture this if you will…and if you can’t, we have plenty of images below to help.

The place: Harleyville, South Carolina (Yes…Harleyville).

The setting: Evening time, lots of antique tractors, a perfectly tacky parade float (YES!) decorated by the Tumbleston Team, and a living nativity scene…minus baby Jesus… and for that, we blame James The Photographer.

None of us really ever know what we’re getting into on a day-to-day basis at Tumbleston, but if it involves Charlie Tumbleston and his Antique Tractor club, or his tree farm, then it is sure to be interesting! We had a ton of fun stringing lights, spreading hay, and well, as you can see…we’re joking around a lot. Wouldn’t you know, we got the FIRST PLACE trophy! Way to go, Team Tumbleston!

011009005Charlie unloading the tractor 006002Gunner the handyman helps with tools001“Wait…..we forgot baby Jesus?!?!”

Lindsay and David (AKA Mary and Joseph)

004012First place victory!

Peace, Sandy