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What to bring to a child photo shoot
child photo shoot

What to bring to a child photo shoot

child photo shoot

If you’re like most parents out there, you’re going to want to document the various stages of growth your children undergo with some professional photos. The use you can get out of them is eternal; they’ll make for great fridge photos in the short run, and way down the road, they’ll make for cute moments with your future grandchildren by showing them what their mother or father looked like at their age.


However, getting children in the right mood for a picture is easier said than done- and that goes double for toddlers. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and your little one (or little ones) will be perfectly content to look at the camera and give a big smile. Other times, though, it may take some effort on your end- and because you can’t know this in advance, you’ll need to be prepared.


Here are a few items you can bring with you to help ensure that your children will cooperate when it’s time to say cheese.


Snacks and drinks are cranky childrens’ best friends


Sometimes, kids get cranky simply because they’re hungry, or because they’re forced to focus for longer than they’re able to. In either case, a little box of apple juice and a bag of goldfish can go a long way. If your little one starts acting up, don’t hesitate to offer him or her a snack in exchange for a few more minutes of cooperation. More often than you might believe, it works. Another related tip: be sure to feed your child before attending the shoot, as a handful of crackers probably isn’t going to be enough to cure the dissatisfaction of a previously empty stomach.


Toys provide children with comfort


If you are a parent of small children, you probably already know how attached to their toys they are- and some have suggested that they actually do a great deal more than that in the long run While they may love playing with their toys at an average moment, toys bring them even greater comfort when they’re in unfamiliar environments… such as, say, a photography studio. Stuffed animals, see-n-says, anything that rattles or even a book can make for great distraction material when they need a break in between shots.

child photo shoot


A change of clothes is never a bad idea


With toddlers late-stage infants, accidents happen- and we’re not only talking about spilling apple juice on their shirts. You just never know when an additional set of clothes might come in handy. You also may not be able to decide between two or three different outfits for your little one that you think are equally cute, and if you’re torn between two or three different outfits, feel free to let the professional photographer decide.


Your biggest smile will spread to your children


Even if you as the parent aren’t going to be in the photos, you’re going to want to bring your brightest, most authentic smile to the set. Happiness is contagious, and children are extremely impressionable. That means if your child sees you smiling and happy, it’s very likely that he or she will soon be smiling and happy too, and that’s the way it’s supposed to be!