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Three things you’ll need to photograph a holiday party

Three things you’ll need to photograph a holiday party

If you like to dabble in the world of photography, and you know that either your company holiday party or your friends and relatives are going to be throwing a party to commemorate the end of the year, this is your chance to shine. You can be the hero with a camera, on hand to document the occasion- and thus, preserve the memories of how happy everybody was at this particular time for years to come.

Before you’re ready to start snapping, though there are a few things you’ll need.

The right-sized camera

First and foremost, for obvious reasons, you will need a camera to take pictures of the party. But for such an occasion, certain cameras will suit you better than others. Specifically, you’ll want a camera that you’re capable of carrying around with you as you move around a lot for hours on end. That means not something too heavy or bulky that can get in the way of other people’s good time. There are plenty of professional-grade cameras that don’t take up too much space, and unless the party is in your own house and you have somewhere safe and private to store it, it can get somewhat awkward to have to lug a heavy box around. We don’t necessarily recommend bringing a camera that’s so small it can fit into your pocket, but something that can fit into a case that you’re comfortable walking around with for a few hours at a time is going to be your best bet here.


The right lighting for your photo

As we mentioned in our previous blog post, the right lighting can go a long way toward making the perfect holiday photoshoot. Most parties celebrating the holidays at the end of the calendar year, though, take place inside after the sun has set, meaning that natural lighting is difficult to come by. But the same principles apply. The color white reflects rays of light, meaning if there is a room with a lot of white or other very light colors in it, you’re likely to get a photograph with excellent lighting. Something else to keep in mind: although Christmas tree lights themselves generally are not powerful enough to provide adequate lighting, they certainly can provide supplementary lighting that works in tandem with the main source of lighting in the room.

The right mood, yes moods matter in photography

Depending on what kind of party it is, exactly, the mood can be very different, and you’ll have to gauge that perfectly. For example, a party with families that consist of small children could see the little ones get cranky toward the end; for such an occasion, get your photos early on. For adults-only parties, where perhaps there’s liquor involved, it may be best to let people loosen up with a drink or two before you start snapping. Just make sure not to let the subjects of the photograph get too drunk, so that the obvious inebriation dominates the picture. It’s all about balance!