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How To Take Awesome Halloween Photos Of Your Kids

How To Take Awesome Halloween Photos Of Your Kids

How To Take Awesome Halloween Photos Of Your Kids

School is back in session, and though the first major holiday of the school year is Labor Day, the holiday that most of the kids are talking about this year – Halloween- is just two months away. And for parents, that means an excellent opportunity to capture a milestone in their children’s lives is just two months away. Think about it: who doesn’t love looking back at what they wore on Halloween when they were kids?

For many, to truly be able to have a memorable Halloween requires thinking and planning, such as what costume to wear, and where to go trick-of-treating. Similarly, for parents of young (or not so young) children, photographing your kids in their costumes on a rather unique night takes planning as well- for kids anxious to get their nights underway, your window to capture memorable pictures of them is smaller than you might think.

So how do you do it? How can you ensure that you’ll be able to get pictures of your kids in their costumes that you can forever look back and smile at?

There are two major things you’ll need to do to best set yourself up for success here.

Take your pictures before they leave the house- or do anything

Costumes may be fun to wear, but they’re usually the most comfortable right after they’re first put on. As the night wears on, that comfortability level could decrease as fatigue sets in and their natural excitement wears off. Speaking of which- with something as exciting as a night of free candy (or for older kids, hanging out with their friends) laying ahead, it’s probably going to be easiest to get a natural smile out of your kids before they start their night, as all they have to do is think about the infinite array of possibilities that the evening could have in store for them. When they return home, even if they had a great time, they’re likely tired, and possibly very uncomfortable from several hours of wearing a costume they aren’t used to.

Pick your location ahead of time

So many variables go into what makes a good photo- lighting, backdrop, and more- and given the harried scene that could take place in your household in the early evening of Halloween, you won’t have time to experiment when that time comes. When free time happens to fall into your lap, take a few moments to look around your house and see which location seems like it would work best. If your children have any patience, you might want to consider a practice run or two by placing them in different locations, in front of different backdrops, with different lighting, and see which ones you like best. This way- as is the case with many things in life that require planning in advance- the more variables you solve for ahead of time, the quicker the process will be when the day comes.

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