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Three Awesome Potential Props For A Family Photo Session

Three Awesome Potential Props For A Family Photo Session

Three Awesome Potential Props For A Family Photo Session

When your family gathers together and follows the photographer’s order to “say cheese and smile,” you are all taking a necessary step toward showing anybody who might see this photo that your family is a close-knit group that enjoys life- and each other’s company.

But while a family full of genuine smiles has a way of portraying inner peace and joy, sometimes you might be able to truly accentuate this portrayal of inner peace and joy with the help of some props. It’s important to not force a prop into a photo in which it doesn’t truly belong, as then the entire photo could be compromised with a sense of phoniness, but if a certain prop really brings out what your family is all about, it can help make your photo that much more unforgettable.

Here are three of our favorite props to incorporate into family photos.

A Hammock

Combine all the serenity of the great outdoors with all the comfort of your own living room! A hammock is a great way to give the sun’s natural light an opportunity to shine into your family photo, and unless the temperature is unbearably hot or cold, an excellent way to show the world how much your family loves to be outside. The flexibility of a hammock allows for the subjects of the photograph to relax and strike any of a large number of different poses, and plus, it’s extremely comfortable!

A Blanket

Particularly if you’ve got little ones, a blanket is the perfect way to elicit reactions of, “Aww, how cute!” when friends and relatives see your family photo. Babies and toddlers can’t help but look adorable underneath their blankies! Aside from merely adding on to the “cute” factor, though, a blanket can also be used as a metaphor of unity among the family, as all the different people who reside under the same roof are bound together by the blanket- and won’t let anything tear them apart.

A Picture Frame

Although some people feel as though holding up a cardboard picture frame doesn’t add a great deal of value to a picture, the reality is that a picture frame in prop form can add many of the same aesthetic value that a picture frame would add when you place a photo inside its perimeter and hang it on the wall. Custom captions written on the frame can help portray a certain mood or even publicize a popular family slogan, and with frames coming in all different colors, you can add a dash of your family’s favorite color to the moment you’re capturing. On top of all that, holding up a cardboard frame while your family poses inside its parameters gives off a fun, silly vibe that will help people understand what it’s like to be a part of your household.

Do you have any ideas for what might make a great prop for your family photo? We want to hear it! Contact us today!