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A Beautiful Photo for the Love of Your Life
A Beautiful Photo for the Love of Your Life

A Beautiful Photo for the Love of Your Life

Valentine’s Day and gift-giving stress are some of the most classic February combinations ever. Do you go with the traditional flowers and chocolates? Are you trying to plan a brilliant dinner even under these more difficult circumstances? Or are you looking for something different? We have a suggestion. Consider a beautiful photo for the love of your life by setting up a special photo session. Here are a few tips to help make it even more special.

Make It An Event

So you want to give a photo session as a gift to the one you love? We think that’s a great idea, but why not take it a step further? Get dressed up for the occasion. Pack a picnic for after the shoot at your location. If you’re truly daring, keep the session a secret surprise and watch the sparks fly when that special someone realizes what they’re in for. Whatever you do, make it an event!

Pick Someplace Special

We all have those special places, locations that are permanently associated with memories we have. The place where we first met that special someone, the site of a first kiss, or the location where you were married can all serve as wonderful, meaningful backdrops for a brilliant photo session. If you’re planning a photo session as a gift, consider the places where you’d like to have it held. Think about those locations that hold special meaning, they will truly make it an event to remember.

Presentation is Important

Having photos taken, whether doing it yourselves or with a professional photographer, is an incredible experience in and of itself. However, it’s important to remember the presentation of that photograph when you give it to your loved one. Consider a nice album with a few notes, like song lyrics or lines of poetry that will help bring the images to life. Or maybe you could set a special place in your home for them to be displayed as a highlight for you both to enjoy. Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget that the presentation is a part of this truly amazing gift.

Capturing Your Memories

We know that the current state of the world has left us all wondering how we move forward. There are still pictures we want, memories we want captured, and our team is working hard to help you while keeping you safe and healthy. If you have questions about what we’re offering, contact us today!