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New Year New Headshots
New Year, New Headshots

New Year New Headshots

New Year, new headshots! That’s right. 2021 has begun and there’s no better time to update your headshots than right now. But why do you need to get new headshots? You already have one. Can’t you just use that one? We’re glad you asked because we have a few reasons why getting a new headshot is important for you as a professional.

You Have Changed

Perhaps the most obvious reason for updating a headshot is that your appearance has changed. Maybe you’re wearing your hair differently. Or maybe you’ve grown a beard. There are a lot of ways your appearance may have changed and it’s important that those changes are reflected in your headshots. Remember, this is how many of your clients will be seeing you for the first time so you want to make sure they see who you really are.

New Headshots Add a Better Look

We just said that this headshot is one of the first things your potential clients will see related to you. Newer headshots take advantage of newer techniques. The impression made by a headshot taking advantage of the very best in technique and style can say a lot about you as a professional and your business as well.

Optimize Your Marketing

Your headshot is a critical piece of any marketing materials you might have. From your website and social media accounts to your email signature and physical marketing materials, the headshot is the image people will know you by. Making certain that image is your very best is critical in creating the very finest first impression with potential customers. It also helps you look more professional to anyone who sees it.

Capturing Your Memories

We know that the current state of the world has left us all wondering how we move forward. There are still pictures we want, memories we want captured, and our team is working hard to help you while keeping you safe and healthy. If you have questions about what we’re offering, contact us today!