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Keeping Your Pictures Spooky and Fun
Keeping Your Pictures Spooky and Fun

Keeping Your Pictures Spooky and Fun

This is the start of a season where family photos become more and more common. We rush to capture the memories we share with our family, eager to preserve them for the future. Halloween marks the beginning of these holidays, and we know a lot about keeping your pictures spooky and fun. It’s in that spirit that we wanted to share some quick tips for amazing family Halloween photos.


Consider the Setting

You’ve got your little ones in their chosen costumes. The camera is ready and you prepare to take that first picture, but something seems off. What could it be? Oftentimes it’s that your picture doesn’t have the right setting. Sure, you can take a picture of the kids in their costumes in the living room, but there’s probably something more festive. From a spooky-looking tree to the front of your decorated home, find the right spot for that picture to help make it pop.


All in the Timing

In our experience, kids aren’t incredibly fond of sitting still for pictures. So, when you’re planning to capture those memories, think about the timing. Allow some time before parties or outings for pictures, so you’re not in the way of fun. Also, consider taking candids instead of staged photos. These pictures are always some of the favorites in any family photo album, so don’t forget them in the rush.


Have Fun

This is probably our most commonly shared tip. Why? Because holidays are supposed to be fun. Occasions, when we can enjoy some fun with our families, are important, but people can often find the taking of pictures stressful. It doesn’t have to be. Just step back, relax, and let yourself have some fun. Remember that you’re capturing memories, not trying to win awards. Plus the fun you’re having will make for even better pictures.


Remember these tips to keeping your pictures spooky and fun!


Capturing Your Memories

We know that the current state of the world has left us all wondering how we move forward. There are still pictures we want, memories we want captured, and our team is working hard to help you while keeping you safe and healthy. If you have questions about what we’re offering, contact us today!