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Helpful Tips for Senior Portraits
Helpful Tips for Senior Portraits

Helpful Tips for Senior Portraits

We’ve done it. One group of seniors has graduated and now a new group of seniors is preparing for their final year. It’s a big occasion and we mark it with a major event, the senior portrait. As much fun as these pictures can be, we are never surprised by how stressful they can be on both parents and students. We’re always trying to help you, out and we’ve been doing these photos for years. You learn a thing or two in that time, so here are some helpful tips for senior portraits.

Plan Your Outfit

What to wear during your senior portrait can be a major source of anxiety. Take the time and put together a few looks and have them ready to go the day before. Give yourself plenty of time to plan the looks too. The closer you get the more stressful this process will be.


Have you ever been told to stop looking at yourself in the mirror? Well, you can ignore that advice this time. Practicing your poses can be really helpful for both you and the photographer. It will help you know what you will end up looking like and it will make it easier for the photographer to get that perfect image during the shoot. So go on, check yourself out.

Be Yourself

We all want to look good in our pictures, but don’t go too far. Remember this is a picture of you, a memory of your senior year. Stick to your normal hairstyles. Keep the makeup simple, and just do what your parents have always told you to do. Be yourself.

We hope these helpful tips for senior portraits have helped. What are some of your tips for success?

Capturing Your Memories

We know that the current state of the world has left us all wondering how we move forward. There are still pictures we want, the memories we want to be captured, and our team is working hard to help you while keeping you safe and healthy. If you have questions about what we’re offering, contact us today!