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What’s in My Photography Bag

What’s in My Photography Bag

As a photographer it is important to keep the essentials with you at all times. You never know in what might happen in the field; batteries die, lighting changes, and there are always hair malfunctions. Here is what I usually carry in my bag:


The Mark III is the camera I as a photographer am most comfortable shooting with, so its the only camera i bring with me. It’s important to be familiar with your equipment so that your efficient and fluid in the field. Nothing ruins the moment more than having to bobble around with your camera settings.



Having multiple lens in your kit makes you more diverse and it ups your ability to adapt change. If you were shooting sports you need a more powerful lens for action shots, but a smaller lens would do better with team and individual shots.

Camera Cards:

Camera cards are the most important thing in your kit as your camera wont work without it! Having back ups is necessary because Cards can malfunction and if you overshoot, you can rest easy knowing you have more memory space.


Using a flash when at a corporate event or wedding is sometimes a must! The lighting isnt something that we can always control. To make sure that you are properly prepared, have back up batteries! because the flash burns through them pretty quick.


Last but not least the comb! With little kids it really helps to have a comb on hand so that you can adjust the little ones hair.