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How to Take Your Best Selfie
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How to Take Your Best Selfie

Find the Best Lighting

Natural lighting is almost always the most flattering light for portraits. Go outside and find a shady spot. If you cannot make it outside stand facing a window to get your best lighting.

Find your angle

A universally flattering angle is from above. Hold your phone so it aligns with the top of your head and angle it down towards your face. Next try tilting your head from side to side to find the most flattering angle for you. Most important tip: Unless you want a double chin, never shoot from below!

Keep it Natural

Don’t go overboard with editing! Stay true to yourself by keeping the retouching to a minimum. Touch up any blemishes or areas that are a must and leave the rest alone to let your own beauty shine through!

Show off your best smile

Give your biggest grin by practicing in the mirror and thinking about something that makes you truly happy.

Take A LOT of selfies

The best way to get your best selfie? Take a lot of them. The more you take the more options you have to find your best look.