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What to Do with Your Photos after a Shoot
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What to Do with Your Photos after a Shoot

A photoshoot can be stressful at times because there a lot of things that could go wrong: weather, blemishes, illness, or technical malfunctions, just to name a few!  But once the relief ushers in that the shoot is over, the question arises, what can I do with my photos?

In the past, all you could really do with your photos was get prints, then put them in an album, hang them on the wall, or place them on your desk.  Albums didn’t always get seen and often collected dust. Framed photos would have to be replaced with new ones all the time.  But now, with the incorporation of digital, photos can go beyond the traditional frame or album, and allow your creativity to blossom so you can see your captured memories take center stage in many forms.

One available method is to create personalized items with your pictures.  Custom cell phone cases are a great way to be reminded of your loved ones on a daily basis, and add a level of edge to the otherwise traditional cell phone apparel.   Or you can customize your credit card with a picture you want people to see, so anytime you use your card, a cashier’s day may become better because they saw a photo of your adorable pet.


When you go to sleep at night, what better way to end the day than to see a photo you hold dear, right on your pillow!  Or if you’re hosting a party and want to really stand out, you can take several photos you’ve taken and get each on a coaster, so anytime someone puts their drink down, they will marvel at your pictures without you having to show them.  These options offer great exposure in a nice subtle and creative way.



There are also great gift options available when showing a photo to a friend or family member.  Custom jewelry such as necklaces and earrings made with your pictures are a sentimental and endearing way to show your love and appreciation, by jumping out of the traditional framed picture.  They can literally wear your photos with them wherever they go!



Lastly, as far as personalization goes, you can skip the frame and make your photos a part of your home by having pictures placed on clocks, candles, and even on your fridge as magnets.  The old days of having to open a drawer, pull out an album, and look for your favorite photo is a thing of the past.  Now you can display them in various forms to allow instant viewing for yourself and guests!  Just think what your favorite photo will look like if you transfer it to a canvas and hang it for your friends to see all the time.




Another method on what to do with your photos is by going the digital route.  There are many types of things online you can do, such as slideshows and shareable albums.  Albums aren’t a thing of the past completely, with these types of digital albums that are shared instantly through such methods as e-mail, Facebook, and texting.



You can also use digital photos to build up your personal or professional website and post on social media platforms as much and as often as you’d like.  The more photos you take, the more you can share on Instagram with a click of a button, to millions of people around the world.

There are endless ideas out there on ways to share your photos with your loved ones and prospective fans of your work.  We live in a time where everything is quicker and there are more options to what you can do with your photos, whether in digital or print format.  Creativeness doesn’t have to just be in the photoshoot itself, it can extend into your choices on what you do with your photos.