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5 Picture Hanging Tips from the Experts

5 Picture Hanging Tips from the Experts

Today’s world is heavily digital. As photographers, we understand this, and are happy to provide our clients with digital images for all of their jaunts through cyber space. However, it sometimes pains us to know that there’s a possibility that our images may get dumped onto a hard drive never to be looked at again. Picture hanging is becoming less common due to a preoccupation with the digital world.

We want you to display your beautiful faces because YOU ARE ART!  People are becoming less and less likely to put photographs on their walls.  Times change and home decor evolves. There are plenty of ways to display your loved ones without it feeling like a time warp back to 1985 with gilded scroll frames.

We hope you enjoy these tips and inspiration ideas! Take a look and if you find them helpful, feel free to share a link to our blog post anywhere you’d like.

  1. Hook Placement.

    This tip is a simple fix that won’t require measuring. Most everyone these days has an all-in-one printer, or at least knows someone who does right? Make a photocopy of the BACKSIDE of your framed print or canvas. (You can also snap a cell phone pic of it, resize it, and print, although this is more work.) Place it on the wall where you’d like it and adhere it with a bit of tape. Nail or screw the hooks into the wall where you need them, straight through the photocopy. Take the photocopy off of the wall and hang your framed print/canvas. Enjoy!

  2. Inspirations for Installations.

    Gallery walls and installations are so much fun and almost limitless!  They can be all photos or you can mix photos, prints, art and even three dimensional objects like monogram letters.  For a classic look, try all black & white photos.  Experiment with chunky mats or metal prints.  Consider merging old & new by incorporating vintage pictures of your grandparents.  Use the same frame or frame color for a cohesive look or get funky by using a blend of everything.  There’s so many fabulous possibilities whether you want to DIY or hand it over to the pros.  Here are some ideas that we love:





Picture Credit: BedBathandBeyond.com

photo gallery ideas

Photo Credit: Home Bunch

Photo Credit: DecorologyBlog.com


Picture Credit: http://younghouselove.com

  1. Glass or No Glass?

    We live in the South, and boy is it humid here – year-round! Well, because of the humidity the simple answer is No Glass inside your frame – your photo could stick to it ruining the emulsion. However, there are other options!  As long as a photo is matted, it can be framed with glass because the mat prevents the photo from actually touching the glass. You can also add something around the mat called a filet.  It is a small metal piece that looks like a mini frame and creates further separation between photo and glass.  We have also found that having treasured memories displayed as a canvas print or a gallery wrap are becoming more popular and modern choices.  The great thing about canvas and gallery wraps is that you don’t necessarily need a frame at all.

  2. We offer Installation Packages.

    If you decide that you need some help, Tumbleston Photography will always advise you on different types of wall portraits or come to your home to install your portraits / gallery walls.  We will even come to your house to consult with you on what type of installation will look best in your home and then tailor a photo session to capture images specifically to that space!

  3. Alternatives to Hanging Photos.

    These days, putting a nail/screw in the wall is NOT the only option. There are some super-strong double-sided tape hooks available now.  These are not recommended for heavy framed portraits or portraits with glass but are great for canvases or small frames.   If you don’t necessarily want photos hanging on the wall, bookshelves can be a great way to showcase portraits.  There are also narrow wall shelves that are great to create a little gallery.  Play around or ask us for help!

Photo Credit:  bungalowblueinteriors.com

In essence, don’t be afraid to display your photos because YOU are Art!