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Charleston’s 8 Best Photo Opportunities

Charleston’s 8 Best Photo Opportunities

Charleston is famous for its rich history (and food), breathtaking churches and gorgeous beaches. In other words, Charleston is a photographer’s paradise. There are very few destinations in the world that have as many photo opportunities as the Holy City. And with so many choices, it’s hard to decide which locations to visit, especially for tourists. That’s why the staff at Tumbleston Photography has created a list of our favorite photo opportunities in Charleston and the Lowcountry.

Battery Park Charleston sC     Battery Park Charleston

1.  Battery Park, Downtown Charleston

Battery Park is located along the shore of Historic Downtown Charleston. The park is infamous as a battleground during several American wars, but even more so for its beautiful rows of oak trees. Replica cannons line the edges of the park, seated next to pyramids of authentic cannonballs, so this is a viral hotspot for history buffs. In recent years, the location has become a popular destination for engagements, weddings, and especially wedding photography.

Boone Hall Charleston SC

2. Boone Hall Plantation, Mt. Pleasant 

Boone Hall plantation has become a top location for concerts, festivals, weddings, parties and corporate events. The plantation features a colonial revival plantation house (completed in 1936), and is features one of America’s longest working farms. Boone Hall is the picture-perfect Southern plantation, with miles of oak trees lining a dirt driveway, and large fields of farmed fruits and vegetables. We have photographed countless weddings and events at this beautiful Charleston location.

Sullivans Island SC    Sullivans Island wedding photography

3. Sullivan’s Island

Charleston is home to a number of stunning beaches, but Sullivan’s Island is our absolute favorite for beach photography. There are countless locations famous for their nature and wildlife. This beach has the perfect lighting during late afternoons, where our team has produced beautiful wedding photographs and family photo shoots. Located only 20 minutes from Downtown Charleston, Sullivan’s Island is not to far off the beaten path for tourists.

Cistern at College of Charleston    Cistern at the College of Charleston

4. The Cistern, College of Charleston, Downtown Charleston

The Cistern is located at the center of the College of Charleston Campus, at George Street and St. Phillips Street. This beautiful courtyard is a popular studying destination, but is also known as a beautiful location for wedding and event photography. Constructed in 1857, the Cistern was originally used to prevent from flooding. Today, the building is covered with greenery and is a top destination for tourists and locals alike.

Middleton Place Charleston

5. Middleton Place, Ashley River Rd, Charleston

Middleton Place is home to America’s oldest landscaped gardens, so it’s a favorite for all types of photography. Founded in 1705, this is one of Charleston’s oldest National Historic Landmarks. The staff has done a great job keeping the property in it’s original form, and it now features a museum, an inn, a renowned restaurant, and beautiful stable yards. We’ve photographed engagements, and corporate events, and it’s one of our top wedding destinations.

Folley Beach    Folley Beach Charleston SC

6. Folly Beach

Folly beach is much more popular as a tourist destination than Sullivan’s Island, but it remains a local favorite for beach and event photography. The beach is home to some of the top restaurants in Charleston, and is a surfer’s paradise. Folly is Charleston’s most traditional “beach town”, and it’s a great place to bring your family, fiancé, or wife for a sunset photo shoot.

Magnolia Plantation Photography    Magnolia Plantation

7. Magnolia Plantation and Gardens – Ashley River Rd, Charleston

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is home to some of Charleston’s most breathtaking wildlife. Some of the America’s most exotic birds inhabit the land, as well as alligators and countless other Southeastern species. The plantation is located on 464 acres of preserved (and well kept) land. Thomas and Ann Drayton founded the plantation in 1676, and it has remained in their family for over 15 generations. Drayton hall was built in 1738, and still stands today. Magnolia Plantation is on of our favorite locations for wedding and engagement photo shoots

Hampton Park Charleston

8. Hampton Park – Downtown Charleston

Hampton park stretches 60 Acres wide, and is the peninsula’s largest park. Located just a block away from The Citadel (Charleston’s historic military college), this is a favorite location for engagement and family photography. It is also a great location to include your pets!

Contact Tumbleston Photography Studios for exclusive prices and promotions on photo shoots throughout Charleston and the Lowcountry. Our team has photographed the Holy City for over 30 years, so we know how and where to create Charleston’s best photography.