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married: jennifer and drew

married: jennifer and drew

Jennifer and Drew were wed on October 10th, 2015 at the beautiful Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island. The days leading up to the wedding, it was raining continuously and Charleston was experiencing the now infamous flooding of 2015, but I swear there was a break in the clouds and the sun came out that Saturday JUST for them. It was BEAUTIFUL. This couple was quite hilarious and I don’t think they ever stopped giggling or full-out laughing at each other. Jennifer and Drew’s first date story was pretty funny and perhaps one of the best we’ve ever heard! To make a long story short, Jennifer had a surprise allergic reaction to seafood on their blind date and Drew had to rush her to the emergency room. After the entire incident was over, Jennifer called her parents and they both agreed she’d probably never hear from that man again… But she did! :] And Drew even admitted to have fallen in love with Jennifer after only spending five minutes with her. Awww. You could feel the love between them and their tight knit families radiating its warmth under the tent that night at the reception. Everyone was just so happy to be in the presence of true love. Drew’s dad even got ordained to be able to wed them… how cool is that? Take a look at a few of Jennifer and Drew’s wedding photos:

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Best of luck in married life Jennifer and Drew!! We loved working with you!

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