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SNEAK PEEK: Class of 2016! Episode 9

SNEAK PEEK: Class of 2016! Episode 9

We asked you to bring your interesting ideas, props and best outfits and YOU brought it!! School is starting soon and we still haven’t seen 37.5% of your smiling faces… Tell a friend who hasn’t come in. Once school starts, our time is limited… so get here NOW! 10 weeks down… 1 TO GO!!!!! We are in the HOME STRETCH!

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Call TODAY to set up your appointment if you haven’t made it in yet. Time is ticking ;] Also, if you have taken your photographs but have not come in to view them… please call and make an appointment to do so or come visit our self-serve station at either studio. If you don’t choose your yearbook images by September 11th, we will choose for you! See everyone soon!