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Sweet Brothers: Jack and Tilson!

Sweet Brothers: Jack and Tilson!

One of our favorite families came into the studio a few weeks ago for photographs of their newest addition, baby Tilson! Big brother Jack came along for some photographs with his new baby brother too. Tilson cozily napped throughout the entire session and was a dream to photograph! The old family hand-me-down bibles definitely made for a heart-warming image. Since Jack was so good throughout the whole session, he got to ride the tractor and take a picture in front of our newest American flag background. He loved it!!! Look at these cuties:

PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-013PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-033jack1 PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-234 PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-101PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-128PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-269PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-287PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-226PendarvisKara & Trent99916720-135

Photos taken by Amy and Lindsay, assisted by Melissa.