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Charleston Bridal Show

Charleston Bridal Show

This past Sunday morning we had the pleasure of taking part in one of the biggest bridal shows in the area, The Charleston Bridal Show. Big canvases and light up LOVE letters adorned our table as we handed out our sought after Earth-friendly Tumbleston totes and over-sized pens. Brides drew from our prize bags after registering with us and everyone left smiling with a special bridal show-only promotion in hand. Our very own beauties Chelsea, Michaela and Lara dressed up in bridal gowns to attract attention our way… well, and because they still like playing dress up! James wooed the masses with his charisma and I was the “groom” to my three brides. Lucky me! Our booth was definitely a success!



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Congratulations to all our brides-to-be. We hope to be working with all of you very soon!

The only one not wearing white,