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An Ertwine Christmas

An Ertwine Christmas

If you’ve been to our North Studio in Moncks Corner, you’ve probably met her or at least seen her be-bopping around. She’s the infamous Chelsea Ertwine – North Studio Manager extraordinaire, lover of dogs and Chili’s takeout. She asked me (her #1 best friend Lindsay) to take some photographs of her husband Dave and her with their puppies for a Christmas card. We walked around the Battery park in Downtown Charleston and into a few side streets to capture that “Charlestony” feel. These doggies kept us laughing with their squirrel induced ADD, but my high pitched Chihuahua imitation could always grab their attention. I’m sure passersby thought I was the strangest person, but you’ve gotta do what it takes to get “the shot!” Take a look at the finished product!

IMG_8158diptych1batteryfamilyholdingroxIMG_8164 diptych2IMG_8248


Call either of our studios to book a session for YOUR Christmas card… the clock is ticking!! West Ashley- (843) 766-9400 or Moncks Corner- (843) 766-5800

With Christmas love and cheer,