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Behind the Lens – A Christmas Story Theme

Behind the Lens – A Christmas Story Theme

We absolutely love it when a client comes to us with something different and unique! So when the Administration from Orange Grove Elementary Charter School wanted to reenact ‘A Christmas Story’ for their holiday card this season, we were ALL about it. We really don’t need much convincing around here when it comes to dressing up in character and having cameras handy to document it.

So here’s the rundown. John, Steven, Laney, and Wanda came with costumes and props in hand and Amy photographed them on our white cove. This white cove has seen many things, but this may be the first time there was a man in a pink bunny costume and a BB gun for a prop…

IMG_0119 with logo

Above: Steven as ‘Ralphie’ and Laney as ‘Randy’

Below: John as ‘Old Man Parker’ and Wanda as ‘Mother Parker’

IMG_0140 with logo

Since two of the characters are supposed to be children,  Steven and Laney were also photographed separately. This was done so that our Graphics Guru, Lara, could have some fun shrinking them to child-size after “cutting them out” from the white background. Plus, Laney was too skinny for her character so Lara had to put a little weight on her. Thanks for being such a great sport, Laney!

christmascarddip_with logo


With everyone cut out of the white background – some adult-size, some child – Lara then found a picture of the famous house from the movie to use as the background scene for the card. Add a little turkey to the platter, and voila! ‘An Orange Grove Story’ holiday card had been made! Thank you for thinking of us, Orange Grove Elementary Charter School. We had so much fun!

OG Xmas front with Logo, Charleston Photography, Tumbleston


Are you ready to create your holiday card? Give us a call today because time is running out!

Peace, Sandy